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Rick Sowash . . . Critters. Flitters and Spitters: a new book by Ohio's Visiting Author
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Welcome to the Sowash Store!

Please calculate item costs, and add $3.00 shipping for the first item, .50 for each additional item, and send checks payable to Rick Sowash for the amount due. Mail the check, along with a note explaining what items are being ordered, to Rick Sowash, 338 Milton Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Thank you!

Scores of Rick's music are available here.

Books Price
The Boy Who Would Be Famous! (softcover) $16.95
Critters, Flitters & Spitters (softcover)
Heroes of Ohio Heroes of Ohio (softcover)
Cabin The Moderately Lazy Biker’s Guide to Litchfield County(and Just Beyond)
by Rick Sowash. (softcover)
Appleseed Johnny Appleseed: Wholesome Heroes With Rick Sowash $15.00
Mocky Storytelling Know-How: for Teachers, Preachers and Speech-ifiers, Rick Sowash $15.00
A Christmas Gift $14.95
Vistas $14.95
Serenade $14.95
American Perennials $14.95
Winds of May $14.95
Portals $16.95
Goddess of the Moon $14.95
Pastorale $14.95
Sanctuary at 3AM $14.95
Enchantement d'avril
(Enchantment of April)
Eroica $14.95
Rick Sowash: A Portrait at 50 A Portrait at 50 $14.95
Rick Sowash: The Four Piano Trios The Four Piano Trios $14.95
Rick Sowash: Chamber Music with Clarinet Chamber Music with Clarinet $14.95
Music for the Appalachian Trail Music for the Appalachian Trail
includes Rick Sowash's Fantasia on 'Shenandoah' for string quartet
20th Century Harpsichord Music, Vol. 1 20th Century Harpsichord Music, Vol. 1
includes Rick Sowash's works: "The Unicorn" and "Theme with 6 Variations"
Shipping is $3 per order plus 50¢ per item 
Information:  Phone: 513-721-1241
Email: rick@sowash.com



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