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20th Century Harp
Twentieth Century Harpsichord Music Harpsichordist Barbara Harbach, who has been called "the muse of modern harpsichord music," recorded this CD for Gasparo Records, which features two works by Rick Sowash: To purchase, send a check, payable to Rick Sowash, in the amount of $15 (postage paid) to Rick Sowash, 558 Liberty Hill, Cincinnati, OH 45202-6888.
  1. "The Unicorn" (1976) and
  2. "Theme with Six Variations" (1986).

Also included are works by Martinu, Thomson, Persichetti, Albright, Adler and Templeton.


Listen to Barbara Harbach play Rick Sowash's Suite: Harbachsichord



"... in Rick Sowash's Satie-esque 'The Unicorn,' [for solo harpsichord] ... elements come together to produce some rewarding performances."
--W.H.C., "The Harpsichord & Fortepiano Magazine"

"...in Sowash's ... 'The Unicorn' and 'Theme with Six Variations' ... there are modal or unusual scale sounds and ... folk-like, pastoral effects ... are especially evident." -- Jocelyn Mackey, Recordings Column in "Pan Pipes of Sigma Alpha Iota,"

Listen to tracks from "Twentieth Century Harpsichord Music"

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