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Enchantement d'avril
(Enchantment of April)

Three Trios for Clarinet, Cello and Piano

"My trios for clarinet, cello and piano were written specifically for and directly inspired by "Les Gavottes," three musicians who play with sensuality, exuberence and a miraculous virtuosity."

- Rick Sowash

Published in France by Trio les Gavottes; Lucien Aubert, clarinet, Francios Adolf, cello, Jean Tatu, piano.

  • Trio No. 1 "Voyage of the Spirit"
    I. Moderato [4:40]
    II. Lento [ 4:52]
    III. Lento, Poco Mosso, Andante [3:24]
    IV. Allegro [4:42]
  • Trio No. 2 "Enchantment of April"
    I. Maestoso ma tranquillo, Allegro [7:20]
    II. Lento [6:11]
    III. Allegretto [6:34]
  • Trio No. 3 "November Shadows"
    I. Allegro [5:13]
    II. Lento [6:31]
    III. Allegretto [3:36]

Total playing time [65:05 ]
©2003 Trio les Gavottes




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Like his trios for violin, clarinet and piano, Sowash's trios for clarinet, cello and piano are diverse in inspiration and realization. Numbering 13, plus the View from Carew (the Carew tower for many years being the tallest building in Cincinnati), his trios for this classic combination of instruments are tuneful and idiomatic. Rick wrote to me that he believes the second movement from his Trio #2 "Enchantment of April" is the most beautiful music he has written. It features slow harmonic change, a hypnotic rocking motion in thirds and sustained tones in the clarinet and cello.

-Gregory Barrett
The Clarinet
June, 2011

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"Like all of Sowash's music these trios are directly communicative and immensely likable; warm, melodious (sometimes whimsical and dancelike, as in Trio 3's final allegretto, or based on hymns), tonal (but not simplistically triadic), crafted with old-fashioned care. Allegros have a fresh, salubrious, outdoorsy folksiness, while the beautiful slow movements have a nostalgic glow that recalls the autumnal glories of Gerald Finzi (another old-fangled romantic who loved the clarinet and wrote for it magnificently)."

- Mark Lehman
American Record Guide May-June, 2004

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