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My name is Rick Sowash. I was born in 1950, and have been composing what most people would call "classical" music since my early teens.

I'm completely freelance, associated with no institution of higher learning nor with any corporation. I do not depend upon composing to support myself and my family (good thing!) Rather, most of my earnings arise from my work as a humorist (author, performer, storyteller, banquet speaker, with a line of books, audio tapes of me telling funny stories, etc.).

Though I am a successful humorist, and although there is humor in much of my music, nonetheless I am a serious composer, a member of ASCAP and the American Music Center. A dozen of my chamber works have been commercially recorded and twenty-five of my scores have been published. All together I've written about 160 compositions, mostly for chamber ensembles, choral ensembles, also a great many art songs and a handful of orchestral works.

"... the music of Rick Sowash ... is cheerful, unpretentious, exuberant, and heartfelt, with a disarming freshness and innocence ... what really holds one's attention is the soaring, folk like lyricism that ... pervades Sowash's compositions."
-- Walter Simmons, Fanfare magazine

In the career sense, my model has long been Charles Ives -- nonacademic, writing his own stuff, out there earning money part of the time and back home parenting and composing the rest of the time.

My music, however, bears scant resemblance to Ives'. To my ear, my music bears some resemblance to the music of Beethoven, Sibelius and Vaughan Williams. Others tend to make comparisons with Barber, Thomson, Thompson, Copland, sometimes even Gershwin, Sousa and Billings ... I'm a latter-day Americanist, a regionalist who has explored means by which to express the America I know as an Ohioan. I write tonal, accessible, melodic, often pastoral music. My French friends call it "Anti-Boulez." (The French love to be Anti-Something.) Another musician described my work as "folky but not hokey"after hearing a good selection of it at the Adirondacks Festival of American Music ... I was a featured composer there in mid-July of 1995 and enjoyed hearing 13 of my art songs and 5 of my choral works wonderfully performed by the Gregg Smith Singers.

"Sowash is a true American original who combines an ear for sonority and natural musical structure with an unerring sense of what will please an audience."
-- Douglas B. Moore, Sonneck Society Bulletin

As a composer my goal is to write music that will help me connect with other people -- listeners and musicians alike. Happily, I don't need to make money from my music. But I do need to make friends. Doesn't everybody?

If any of this intrigues you, please look further into my web site, and please get in touch.

Rick Sowash
Cincinnati, OH



Sample movements in MP3

Download "Spring" from " Four Seasons in Bellville" in MP3 .
Download "The Blossom" from " Daweswood Suite" in MP3 .
Download "Orange Juice" from " A little Breakfast Music" in MP3 .

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Cellist Terry King and the Monroe (Louisiana) Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Bruce Chamberlain performed the world premiere on October 4, 1998 of Rick's Sowash rhapsody for cello and orchestra, entitled "World Enough and Time." Follow this link for more information and to hear the entire Rhapsody in Shockwave streaming audio.


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