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The music of Rick Sowash is available for use in films.

The music of Rick Sowash has been featured in several Florentine Films documentaries to date. These include: "Niagara Falls," and "Ohio: 200 Years."

With 250+ works, 8 compact disks and many publications and performances to his credit, this ASCAP composer welcomes new opportunities to score serious, substantive, artistic films. Contact Rick Sowash by email at rick@sowash.com or by phone at 1-513-721-1241.


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"Rick Sowash's music is perfect for documentary films. He has that rare ability to combine modern tonalities within a classical format. His scores are anything but sappy and maudlin, often a problem in documentary film scoring. Instead they are vibrant, energetic and smart. Sowash knows how to do "edgy" but he is also a master of the poignant, adventurous, and sexy. His work is different and dramatic and very, very good."

Lawrence Hott
Florentine Films/Hott
Productions, Inc.


Watch sample filmscore clips.

All music © Rick Sowash Publishing Company and may not be used without written permission.



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