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"Ripsnorting Whoppers!: A Book of Ohio Tall Tales "

Ripsnorting Whoppers book cover"Ripsnorting Whoppers!" -- The Book: The hilarious stories of Rick Sowash, "Master of the Tall Tale," have been captured in print. In this 160-page book, lavishly illustrated with the magical art of Maureen O'Keefe, Sowash spins the yarns that are captivating audiences across the country. James Hope, author of "Bountiful Ohio", calls it "A treasury of witty, wise and wonderful Americana. You'll laugh and laugh."

"Ripsnorting Whoppers!"-- The Audio Tape: Highlights from the book on a 60-minute audio cassette, told by the author. Rick Sowash draws on his experience as a radio broadcaster and storyteller to re-tell, as only he can, his own favorite stories from the book. Of special interest to commuters and the sight-impaired.

"Ripsnorting Whoppers!" -- The Video Tape: Originally released as "Cy Gatton & the Great American Whopper," this 60-minute documentary is a joyful, hilarious and captivating summary of the life and stories of the Heartland folk-hero and storyteller Cy Gatton. Produced in cooperation with WOUB Public Television in Athens, Ohio, this richly entertaining film features rare photos of Cy Gatton and the America he knew. Glimpse a vanished turn-of-the-century way of life and savor Rick Sowash's re-tellings of Cy's best stories before a live audience. Includes many of the stories in the book, and some new ones as well.

Ripsnorting Whoppers is currently out-of-print.


Now you can hear Rick telling his favorite stories from his book Ripsnorting Whoppers: A Book of Ohio Tall Tales.

The storytelling session is free, fun and funny.  It is presented in two half-hour segments.  

You can also download MP3 files to listen offline:

Part One.  
Part Two.


Illustration form Ripsnorting Whoppers

"He stopped running and stuck out his fist"

A sample story, "Is the Tall Tale Dead?" is available here.

A Tall Tales Study Guide is available for Rick's "Ripsnorting Whoppers Day" program in schools. Study Guide (PDF 69K)

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